Committee Members share the responsibilities of planning, preparing, and implementing the various PTA events. In conjunction with the many volunteers, they all take part in setting up the events at school and running them, hopefully smoothly…….

The Committee members get together fairly regularly to work out the calendar of events and organise the fund raising activities.

2015 / 2015 Committee Members:

Chair – Joint

Jenny Bhambri-Lyte and Karen Beynon

Jenny Bhambri-Lyte
Jenny Bhambri-Lyte
Karen Beynon



Henrietta Anstey


Secretary – Joint

Lucy Loftus and Maddy New

Maddy New
Lucy Loftus

Publicity Officer – Joint

Emma Van Heusen and Emma Studd

Emma V
Emma Van Heusen
Emma S
Emma Studd

Class Reps

Class Reps provide an informal link between the PTA Committee and parents / carers. The aim is to have at least one rep for each class – so helping to encourage support for things like the school discos, the quiz and generally being a point of contact. It’s a sociable role and not a huge commitment in terms of time – you’ll just need to be prepared to approach people at pick up / drop off time, or alternatively email). Please have a look at the ‘Class Reps’ tab to see vacancies and do get in touch if you’d like to help out.